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Having insurance is vital in today’s modern age. At Affordable Insurance Services, we’re licensed agents that know how to bring you the best deal possible with quality coverage. No matter whether you’re looking for health insurance, Medicare, disability, life, or dental insurance, we provide you with a variety of options that are sure to fit your needs.

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We Put Your Health First

Our health insurance plans have been helping our customers for years, and we won’t stop now. We know that depending on your situation, you need a health policy that will not only fit your demands but the demands of your family. Whether you’re looking for a basic policy or an extensive health insurance plan that covers mental health, physical therapy, or even major surgery, we’re the health insurance providers you can trust.

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Be Prepared With Medicare

For our elderly or disabled crowd, our Medicare insurance plans are perfect for you. We keep costs low for your healthcare, medications, and overall wellness for those ages 65 and over. It’s not uncommon to need multiple hospital stays, which can be expensive, especially when you’re on a budget. With our Medicare insurance policies, you’ll be covered for any emergencies.

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Don’t Let Your Disability Keep You Down

Disability insurance is a vital asset for those who suffer from various ailments. Here at Affordable Insurance Services, we have long term and short term disability policies. We sit down with our customers and determine which will best suit their individual needs. However, we recommend a long term policy to help you cover any loss of income that you may encounter.

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Look After Your Family With Our Life Insurance Plans

Being prepared for anything is what we value. With our professional agents on your side, we ensure you’ll never leave your loved ones destitute. The larger your life insurance policy is, the greater amount you’ll leave your family with. The cost of funeral arrangements, burial plots, and unexpected expenses won’t be a burden on your family.

We Cover Dental

Routine checkups at the dentist are a must, and with our dental insurance plans, you can rest assured you’re saving money all around. Our family plans are great for making sure your young ones are getting routine cleanings, exams, and needed x-rays. Not to mention, our dental insurance policies cover orthodontist’s visits.

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Plans vs. Policies

It’s important to note that your health insurance plan and your policy vary. Your plan is essentially the different options you’re given, such as who and what it covers. The policy is what’s in your plan and the rules it follows. For example, your policy is the stipulations such as where you can go and what companies are in-network with your plan. Our company not only offers different plans and policies that work for you, but we also help to find you providers that take our insurance.

Prepare Today for a Secured Tomorrow

In today’s modern age, it’s essential to understand the critical role health insurance plays in our lives. With so much that can go wrong, it’s important to have a policy in place that helps you stay afloat. At Affordable Insurance Services, we work endlessly to bring you the best deal possible for quality coverage you can rely on. Regardless of whether you’re in the market for Medicare, disability, life, or dental insurance, our team is happy to pair you with the perfect policy for your needs.

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